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Wednesday October 10th 2012

New PE Timetable
Starting next Monday 15 October, the new PE Timetable will be in place for all classes.

It is imperative that all children are punctual in the morning. The 20 minutes between 08.30am and 08.50am is a very important time in the school day. This is when the younger children have activity time or structured play. It is a time when teachers get to correct homework or hear children’s reading.

Special Olympics Coin Collection
During week commencing 22 October, our school has partnered with Special Olympics Ireland in a fundraising venture to collect different currencies including old Irish and foreign coins and banknotes. We can accept any type of coin or notes, so if you have any old money (e.g. Punts, Francs, Pesetas, Lira, etc) or money currently in use (e.g. dollars, sterling, or other currencies) they would be most welcome. Thank you for your support.

Staff Car Park
Please note that parents are not permitted to park in the Staff Car Park when dropping or collecting children.  If you are returning to the school to drop off forgotten lunches, schoolbags, etc. during the school day, we would ask that you park in the bus stop area and enter via the Pedestrian Gate. (Please close gates after you leave).  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Reminder re dismounting bicycles, etc
In the interest of everyone’s safety, all cyclists (pupils, parents & siblings) should dismount from their bicycles at the main gates of the school avenue.  For safety reasons, we would ask that you do not allow your children to use scooters, rollerblades or Heelys on school grounds.

Healthy Lunch Policy
We operate a Healthy Lunch Policy in the school.  Fizzy drinks, crisps or sweets are not permitted.  On Friday, children are allowed one treat, e.g. a bar.  Please help us maintain the health of our children by following the guidelines in the School Booklet which is available to view at

Hand Towels
We request that every child brings a small hand towel/facecloth to dry his/her hands after using the WC.  This should be kept in a school bag pocket and changed regularly.

Parents Association News

St Patrick’s National School Parents Association Update
The AGM for the Parents Association was held recently. Thanks to all those who attended and a big welcome to all new members of the Association.
The Parents’ Association Committee is made up of 17 people. The Committee for 2012/13 is Olivier Santamaria (Chairperson) Bridin Conroy (Sec),  Chris Murray, Mary Galvin, Colettte Hoban, Peter Hayes, Sharon Quinlan, Karen Kearney, Patrick Lynch, Marie McCarthy, Stephen Mc Guinness, Clodagh Richmond, Deirdre Ashe, Paul Mason, Mairead McIlkenny and Maria Kozarova.  To contacts us (we are keen to receive any feedback!), please email or drop a note into the post box located in the school reception.  We look forward to working with Pupils, School Management & Staff, Parents and all involved over 2012/13

Christmas Fair 2012
We are delighted and excited to let you know that St Patrick’s NS Christmas Fair will be held on Sunday 25th November – so please ‘save the date’!
Preparations for this annual event are well under way, we do however need your help and we hope you can participate in one or all of the following ways;

  • Donate any UNUSED gifts (esp Toys, Toiletries’, Games etc) - we will put them to good use!
  • Sponsor a raffle prize -  urgently needed, please contact Karen on 087 4187253. Donate a prize  -  First drop-off date 7:30 PM Thursday 8Th Nov prior to Parenting Talk in School....further dates to follow;
  • Seek donations (product, corporate gifts, umbrellas, golf balls etc) from your employer  - drop off on 8th Nov;
  • Join the organising team – please contact Deirdre on 087 6024390. We need many to join in the effort to make 25th November a success.

Fairs run in previous years have required 100’s of prizes, nearly all of which are donated. This is immensely challenging in the current economic climate so ANY support you can give will be greatly appreciated.
Keep an eye out for further updates.

St Patrick’s Parents for Business Network
Your First Choice for Products and Services supplied by parents.
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