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Dear parent/guardian,

As you are aware the children are learning about money this term. In order to help your child to grasp the concept of money we advise that they engage in hands on activities using coins as much as possible. The upcoming midterm break is an opportunity for your child to practise using money by engaging in "shopping" activities, whether it is imaginary or real.

  • Your child should be able to recognise 1 cent, 2 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent and 50 cent coins and use coins up to 50 cent.
  • When shopping ask your child what can be bought with these coins, allow your child to pay for items using these coins.
  • Show your child the prices on food while shopping.
  • Play shop with your child using toys, cereal boxes etc. Price the items from 1 cent to 50 cent.
  • When playing in this shop allow your child to use appropriate coins.
    • Ask questions using the vocabulary associated with money:

      How many coins have you got?

      What coins/coin do you need to buy the book?

      How much money have you got?

      How much does the book cost?

      How much did you spend?

      What change did you get?

      Have you too much/ too little money?

  • Online shopping game: (Change settings to give change from 10c, 20c or 50c, starting at 10c and working way up to 50c.)

Through these experiences your child will learn the value of coins: 10c and 10c make 20c, 20c and 20c and 10c make 50c, also 10c + 10c + 10c + 10c + 10c make 50c.

Encourage your child to count on to find the change. If a bar costs 18c and you have a 20c coin, count on from 18c to find the change: 18c and 2c more make 20c, so the change is 2c.

Some children may find this concept quite difficult, but given lots of shopping opportunities (real and imaginary) your child will grasp it.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation,

The First Class teachers