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Wednesday October 17th 2012

Procedure for entering the school each morning
To ensure safe and orderly access to the school grounds, the gates will open shortly before 8.30am. Parents and children walking/cycling to school must use the new pedestrian gate entrance.  No Cycling or Scootering is permitted on school grounds.

  • The school bell rings at 08.30am. Children walk to their lines (in the early weeks of Junior Infants, parents may accompany children to the classroom).
    Classes are collected from the yard by their teacher. As soon as the classes have entered the building the doors are closed.
  • The Luttrellstown door (nearest door to Pedestrian Entrance) remains open until 8.50am.
  • Children who arrive after 08.50am must enter via reception and sign the “late book”.
  • Children may not enter the school building until 08.30am.  Parents are responsible for the welfare of their children until the school’s duty of care begins at 8.30 am. On wet mornings please time your arrival for 8.30 – 8.40am.

Safety Notice re Dropping Off/Collecting
Please note the following important safety points:

  • People may stop momentarily adjacent to the Bus parking area to drop off/collect their children. 
  • Please move as far up as possible on that stretch (to the gate past the pedestrian entrance) so that six or seven cars can drop off/collect at the same time. 
  • For their safety, children should be dropped off /collected only on the school side of the road.
  • Please do not stop on the main roundabout. 
  • Please also note that parents are not permitted to park in the Staff Car Park when dropping or collecting children.  If you are returning to the school to drop off forgotten lunches, schoolbags, etc., we would ask that you park in the bus stop area and enter via the Pedestrian Gate. (Please close gates after you leave)
  • Please inform your child to go to reception if he/she is in any doubt about collection arrangements or attendance at an after school activity, if their collector is late or if there is nobody to meet him/her at the designated meeting point.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Special Olympics Coin Collection
Our school has partnered with Special Olympics Ireland in a fundraising venture to collect different currencies including old Irish and foreign coins and banknotes. Next week, we will be accepting any type of coin or notes, so if you have any old money (e.g. Punts, Francs, Pesetas, Lira, etc) or money currently in use (e.g. dollars, sterling, or other currencies) please send it in with your children to their class teacher.  Thank you for your support.

Knitters Needed
Volunteer knitters wanted to produce items for craft fair in aid of Dublin 15 Hospice. For more information, please contact Maeve Henchion (087 3744159) or Sally Palmer (085 2869380)

Parents Association News

Christmas Fair 2012
We are delighted and excited to let you know that St Patrick’s NS Christmas Fair will be held on Sunday 25th November – so please ‘save the date’!
Preparations for this annual event are well under way, we do however need your help and we hope you can participate in one or all of the following ways;

  • Donate any UNUSED gifts (esp Toys, Toiletries’, Games etc) - we will put them to good use!
  • Sponsor a raffle prize -  urgently needed, please contact Karen on 087 4187253.
  • Donate a prize  -  First drop-off date 7:30 PM Thursday 8Th Nov prior to Parenting Talk in School....further dates to follow;
  • Seek donations (product, corporate gifts, umbrellas, golf balls etc) from your employer  - drop off on 8th Nov;
  • Join the organising team – please contact Deirdre on 087 6024390. We need many to join in the effort to make 25th November a success.

Fairs run in previous years have required 100’s of prizes, nearly all of which are donated. This is immensely challenging in the current economic climate so ANY support you can give will be greatly appreciated.
Keep an eye out for further updates.

Extra Curricular Activities

Community Games
Community Games is coming to Castleknock. If you wish your child to participate this coming year, contact David on 086 0201495 to find out more. More information is available form beside the Parent Information Noticeboard.

Westmanstown RFC—”Give Rugby a Try” 
Westmanstown RFC welcomes young players aged 6 to 14 yrs to enjoy learning the skills and excitement of rugby in an environment which mixes good fun and safe training with the competitive spirit. At the moment we are looking for young players aged between 10 and 14 years. Training every Sunday at11am in Westmanstown.

St Patrick’s Parents for Business Network
Your First Choice for Products and Services supplied by parents.
Visit www.stpatricksns.ie for more information or see insert in your child’s Homework Journal.
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