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Friday August 30th 2013

A very special welcome to our new Senior Infant to 6th Class children who started this week and to our new Junior Infants who will start on Monday.

The reception/office area is extremely busy. The office hours are 08.30am to 2.30pm, closing for lunch from 12.00-12.30pm daily.
It would be much appreciated if telephone calls to the school were made
only in emergency situations and after 9.00a.m.

Registration – Junior Infants September 2014
Application Forms will be available from the office from Wednesday 11 September.  Registration will take place on 14, 15 & 16 October.

Contagious Illness
Whilst there is no need to telephone the school if your child is sick, we would greatly appreciate if you would contact us if your child contracts a contagious illness e.g. measles, mumps, rubella, etc.  There are children in the school who are at increased risk of contracting these illnesses.  Parents should acknowledge their child’s absence from school due to minor illnesses on their return, in writing, in the child’s School Journal.

Contact Details
It is essential that we have the correct address and contact details (e.g. home telephone, parents’ mobile numbers and email addresses) for your child on our database.  If any of your details have changed over the summer, please complete a Change of Address/Contact Details Form as soon as possible.

Dropping in lunches, bags, homework etc.
It would be greatly appreciated that if you are dropping in any of your child’s forgotten belongings e.g. lunches, bags, homework, etc., that they are clearly marked with your child’s name and their class teacher. For your information and to ensure forgotten lunches arrive in time, the following are the breaktimes for the children

Junior & Senior Infants

10.20-10.30am  Small portable snack taken to yard for eating under supervision
10.30-10.50am Eating time in the classroom 
12.00-12.30pm  Any remaining food can be taken to yard to be finished under supervision.

First Class upwards

10.20-10.30am Small portable snack taken to yard for eating under supervision
11.45-12.00noon  Foods not suitable for outdoor eating can be eaten in the classroom
12.00-12.30pm Any remaining food can be taken to yard to be finished under supervision.

Labelling/Lost Property
The chances of returning lost property are greatly increased if items are clearly labelled with your child’s name. Please ensure jumpers, PE sweatshirts, coats, etc are labelled with your child’s name.

Healthy Lunch Policy
We operate a Healthy Lunch Policy in the school.  Fizzy drinks, crisps or sweets are not permitted.  On Friday, children are allowed one treat, e.g. a bar.  Please help us maintain the health of our children by following the guidelines in the School Booklet which is available to view at www.stpatricksns.ie.

Hand Towels
We request that every child brings a small hand towel/facecloth to dry his/her hands after using the WC.  This should be kept in a school bag pocket and changed regularly.

We would ask all parents to please show due consideration to residents when parking in the locality.  Please do not obstruct local residents’ driveways. 
Staff Car Park
Parents are asked not to park in the Staff Car Park between 8.00am and 2.30pm, the only exception being parents collecting disabled or injured children.  We would be grateful if you could also inform anyone who may be collecting your child/children on your behalf of this procedure.  If you are returning to the school to drop off forgotten lunches, schoolbags, etc. during the school day, we would ask that you park in the bus stop area and enter via the Pedestrian Gate. (Please close gates after you leave).  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Reminder re dismounting bicycles, etc
In the interest of everyone’s safety, all cyclists (pupils, parents & siblings) should dismount from their bicycles at the main gates of the school avenue.  For safety reasons, we would ask that you do not allow your children to use scooters, rollerblades or Heelys on school grounds.

Temporary PE Timetable
A temporary PE Timetable will be in place for the first few weeks.  Children will be informed of their PE times by their class teachers.  Children should wear their school tracksuit/runners on these days.

Extra Curricular Activities

Musical Theatre, Drama & Singing Classes
Musical Theatre classes provide vocal and acting skills to children of all levels in a creative and fun environment.  As well as musical ability, the classes help children build confidence, learn teamwork and develop their individual talents.  Our new term will begin on Tuesday, 10 September in St. Patrick’s N.S.  Enrolment takes place on Tuesday, 3 September between 1 – 2.30 pm.  Classes are 1.10 – 2.10 pm for Junior and Senior Infants, 2.10 – 3.10 pm for 1st and 2nd class and 3.10 – 4.10 pm for older children.  Individual lessons are available upon request.  Preparation for Royal Irish Academy of Music and Leinster school of Music singing exams and Junior and Leaving certificate practical exams is also provided.  For further details please contact Toni Martin at 087 7913714 or email martin.toni1@gmail.com

The new term of DramaWorks (Speech and Drama Classes) will begin on Wednesday 11th September for Junior Infants to Sixth Class students. For further details on the enrolment day please contact Clodagh on 0863736056.

Platform Stage School 
‘HAIRSPRAY - LION KING- ANNIE - OKLAHOMA’ (excerpts from the end of year show) with Platform Stage School.  Classes re-commence on Thursday 12th September.  We cover speech work, drama, song and dance.  Junior & Senior infants - 1.15pm – 2.00pm; Older classes - 2.15pm – 3.15pm.  There are 3 terms of 8 weeks - Junior & Senior infants- €65 per term.  Older classes - €85 per term. Exam/arts festival in December and show in March.  To register please telephone OR text 086 2245113 LIZ  BRENNAN   B.A., L.T.C.L.   WEBSITE: www.platformstageschool.ie

Irish Dancing
In St Patrick's N.S: Tuesday Junior and Senior Infants 1.10 - 2pm; Tuesday and Thursday 2.10 to 3.10 1st - 6th backstage room; Wednesday Advanced and Championship 7.15pm. Saturday 12-1pm all grades. Children prepared for examinations, shows and stage craft, to develop confidence teamwork and poise. Competition to World level if desired. Or simply learn Irish dancing for fun and cultural development. Registration in School Tuesday the 3rd of September, or contact Bernadette Downey Lanigan A.D.C.R.G. 0876204772.

Friday Choir rehearsals start back on Friday, 20 September. Free of charge. 2:10pm - 3:10pm. Line up after school outside the Coolmine door on line A (near the walkway). Looking forward to starting back. Ms Meade.

Art & Crafts Workshops
Art & Craft Workshops will take place on Mondays from 2.10pm to 3.45pm.  Wide range of skills used to foster creativity.  Enrolment will take place on Friday 6th September at 1.10pm and 2.30pm. New 10 week term classes will commence on Monday 16th September. Please contact Bláthnaid O Brien-Donovan, B.Ed (Hons) on 087 4123247 for full details.

 French for Children @ St. Patrick’s (La Jolie Ronde)
Enrol now for after-school French classes for all children from Junior infants to 6th class.  Materials ½ price when you enrol for the year. Weekdays and Saturday classes. Contact Sabine Maher on
087 227 9027 & visit www.frenchforchildren.ie  Merci!

Spanish for Children (using La Jolie Ronde materials)
Starting back Mon 9th Sept. If interested in your children (ages 3 - 13) continuing/starting classes, please contact 087 267 4809/marygalvin@upcmail.ie for details & to secure your place. 30 min (pre-school) & 45 min classes, 1.10 - 5PM, Tu - Thu. NEW (later) class times available this year & NEW AM classes for pre-schoolers. Junior (start 2nd year) & Leaving Cert Grinds also available. ¡Gracias! TEFL, BA MOD Hons TCD, MA TCD, H Dip Ed UCD, Applied Linguistics TCD.

Classical Ballet & Hip Hop Dance Classes
For Students Age 4 – 18 years. Beginners Always Welcome. Fully Qualified I.D.T.A.Teachers.
Classes Every Monday from 4.30 in Diswellstown Community Centre, St Patricks National School.
- Pre-School Class (Age 2 ½ to 4 yrs) - 4.30pm; - Tiny Tots Ballet (Age 4-6 yrs) - 5pm
- Classical Ballet (Age 6+) - 5.45pm; - Hip Hop Dance (All Ages) - 6.30pm
Registrations Tues 4th Sept @ 5pm. Sara Chester A.I.D.T.A 0877923955 www.chesterschoolofdance.com

Lir Gym Club
Please see www.lirgymclub.com for information on classes which take place in Diswellstown Community & Recreation Centre.

The Gardaí and local residents have again approached the school regarding the issue of dangerous and illegal parking.  We appreciate that lack of parking space is a major problem for all parents.  However, cars must be parked in a safe, legal and considerate manner.

Unfortunately, a number of parents continue to park and block access to/from driveways, and park dangerously close to junctions and entrances to estates.  This is both highly inconsiderate towards the residents of these estates and is, in fact, illegal.

There are also a number of parents who stop at the roundabout on the main road which is also a dangerous and illegal practice.  It is also an unnecessary practice as we have a safe procedure in place for dropping children off at the main entrance of the school.

The following are extracts from the Rules of the Road:

  1. A vehicle may not park on double yellow lines in any circumstances.
  2. A vehicle may not be parked within 5m of a junction.
  3. Vehicles may not be parked near: a bend, the brow of a hill, a humped back bridge, a continuous white line, where it would obstruct a sign, at an entrance, at a bus stop or opposite another vehicle on a narrow road.

The Board of Management will have no hesitation in supporting local residents who choose to report drivers who park illegally or trespass on their property. The Board will also support those parents who choose to report instances of dangerous parking that may put the lives of their children at risk. 

There is ample parking available at Spar car park which is a short distance from the school. Cars must be parked properly in the car park.  Under no circumstances should a car obstruct one of their patrons or interfere with delivery truck access.

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