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Wednesday January 28th 2014

Dates for Confirmation

  • St Mochta’s NS –  Tuesday, 13th May, 2014
  • St Patrick’s NS – Tuesday, 20th May, 2014

Ceremonies will be at 11am each day.

Book Covering 
A big thank you to all parent helpers who covered packs of shared readers over recent weeks. We will enjoy these books for many years to come. 

It is imperative that all children are punctual in the morning. The 20 minutes between 08.30am and 08.50am is a very important time in the school day. This is when the younger children have activity time or structured play. It is also a time when teachers get to correct homework or hear childrens’ reading.

Parents Association News

Blazers for Communion – Survey
A survey has been emailed to parents of all children from Junior Infants to Second Class in relation to Blazers for Communion.  Surveys should be completed on/before this Friday 31 January.


Contagious Illness
Whilst there is no need to telephone the school if your child is sick, we would greatly appreciate if you would contact us if your child contracts a contagious illness e.g. measles, mumps, rubella, etc. (Your GP will be able to advise you re contagious illnesses that should be report to the school). There are children in the school who are at increased risk of contracting these illnesses.  Parents should acknowledge their child’s absence from school due to minor illnesses on their return, in writing, in the child’s School Journal.

Hand Towels
We request that every child brings a small hand towel/facecloth to dry his/her hands after using the WC.  This should be kept in a school bag pocket and changed regularly.

Dropping in lunches, bags, homework etc.
It would be greatly appreciated that if you are dropping in any of your child’s forgotten belongings e.g. lunches, bags, homework, etc., that all items are clearly marked with your child’s name and their class teacher.

For your information and to ensure forgotten lunches arrive in time, the following are the breaktimes for the children

Junior & Senior Infants
10.20-10.30am Small portable snack taken to yard for eating under supervision
10.30-10.50am Eating time in the classroom 
12.00-12.30pm Any remaining food can be taken to yard to be finished under supervision.

First Class upwards
10.20-10.30am Small portable snack taken to yard for eating under supervision
11.45-12.00noon Foods not suitable for outdoor eating can be eaten in the classroom
12.00-12.30pm         Any remaining food can be taken to yard to be finished under supervision.

The Gardaí and local residents have this week approached the school regarding the issue of dangerous and illegal parking.  We appreciate that lack of parking space is a major problem for all parents.  However, cars must be parked in a safe, legal and considerate manner.

Unfortunately, a number of parents continue to park and block access to/from driveways, and park dangerously close to junctions and entrances to estates.  This is both highly inconsiderate towards the residents of these estates and is, in fact, illegal.

There are also a number of parents who stop at the roundabout on the main road which is also a dangerous and illegal practice.  It is also an unnecessary practice as we have a safe procedure in place for dropping children off at the main entrance of the school.

The following are extracts from the Rules of the Road:

  1. A vehicle may not park on double yellow lines in any circumstances.
  2. A vehicle may not be parked within 5m of a junction.
  3. Vehicles may not be parked near: a bend, the brow of a hill, a humped back bridge, a continuous white line, where it would obstruct a sign, at an entrance, at a bus stop or opposite another vehicle on a narrow road.

The Board of Management will have no hesitation in supporting local residents who choose to report drivers who park illegally or trespass on their property. The Board will also support those parents who choose to report instances of dangerous parking/driving that may put the lives of their children at risk. 

There is ample parking available at Spar car park which is a short distance from the school. Cars must be parked properly in the car park.  Under no circumstances should a car obstruct one of their patrons or interfere with delivery truck access.

Extra Curricular Activities

Castleknock Celtic Football Club Academy
New Academy term for children born 2006-2009 starts Sat 1st  Feb at our clubhouse in Porterstown Park. Children born 2008 or 2009 9.30 - 10.30, Children born 2005, 2006 or 2007 10.45-11.45.Please go to club website www.castleknockceltic.com for details and application forms.

Dublin Parks Tennis
Registration & Coaching for Spring 2014 takes place on Saturday 8 February at Riverwood Estate, Castleknock and on Wednesday 12 February at Laurel Lodge Community Centre, Castleknock. Tel 8338711 or email parkstennis@eircom.net for more information.

Spanish for Children
Calling all 5th/6th class SPNS pupils interested in doing Spanish in Secondary School! Special intense 12 week (La Jolie Ronde) course, starting week begining 24th February. Book & CD supplied. Limited places, don’t miss out! For details, please Email marygalvin@upcmail.ie, phone 087 267 4809, visit www.spanishclasses4children,com. Gracias, Mary 

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