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Wednesday 21st September 2017

School Administration Office hours are 8.30am to 3.10pm.  The office closes for lunch from 12.00-12.30pm daily.  It would be much appreciated if telephone calls to the school were made only in emergency situations, and only after 9.00am.

There is no need to telephone the school if your child is sick, unless the illness is contagious.  Parents should acknowledge their child’s absence from school on their return, in writing, for Junior & Senior Infant classes or on the absence slip in your child’s Homework Journal for 1st- 6th Class. 

Registration for First Holy Communion and Confirmation 2018

Registration for families who wish their children to receive the Sacrament of First Holy Communion or Confirmation will be taking place in St Mochta’s Pastoral Centre for St Mochta’s N.S., St Patrick’s N.S. and Scoil Choilm N.S.

First Holy Communion: Registration Monday or Tuesday 2nd or 3rd of October, 2017 between 5.30 & 7pm.

Confirmation: Registration will take place on Monday or Tuesday 9th and 10th October, between 5.30 & 7pm.

 Please note: 

  1. If your child was baptised in St Mochta’s Church, you will be required to fill out full details of the Baptism on the Registration Form.  If you have a copy of the Baptismal Certificate at hand, please bring it along with you to Registration.
  2. For children baptised outside of St Mochta’s Church, a Baptismal Certificate must be presentedwith the registration form before your child can be enrolled on the First Holy Communion Preparation Programme. Baptismal Certificates will be returned at the Registration evening.

Registration without Baptismal Certificates or Late registrations will NOT be accepted.

If you require further information or wish to discuss any aspect of receiving the Sacraments, please contact Fr Paul Ward or Mary Greene at the Pastoral Centre on (01) 8213218.

School Photographs

The School Photographer will be in the school from Monday 2nd to Friday 6th October.  Booking forms will be distributed to each child next week. Please ensure that only one form per family is returned to your eldest child’s class teacher on/before Thursday 28th September.

If your preference is to have your child/children’s school photo taken in their school uniform, please ensure they wear their uniform for the full week (they can bring runners to change into on PE days). Unfortunately due to the scale of photographing children individually, with their siblings and class groups, children cannot be photographed

at a different time or date if the school tracksuit is worn.  

Information Meetings

We are holding a series of informal meetings at 8.40am with the parents of each class grouping.  The Junior Infant & Second Class meetings will take place in the PE Hall. The remaining meetings will take place in the Tigers Room on the dates listed below.  Please enter via the BLANCHARDSTOWN DOOR ONLY.Please note that teachers will only attend for part of the meeting.  Should you wish to speak to the teacher individually, please email the office at info@stpatricksns.ie to make an appointment.





First Class

Thursday 21 September

Second Class

Friday 22 September


Choir will recommence on Friday 22 September in Blue Room 1. Children should line up outside staffroom windows on line 1. Mrs. Corcoran is taking choir this year and looks forward to welcoming old and new members.

Healthy Lunch

We have a healthy food policy in St. Patrick’s.  Children are not allowed to bring fizzy drinks, crisps, sweets

or chocolate to school.  Instead we would ask you to make healthy food choices. 

Please give your child only small amounts of food which he/she can easily manage.  Recommended snacks might include a sandwich, bread roll, crackers, a plain biscuit, scone or bun.  A piece of fruit (pre-peeled or prepared if necessary) is also a good choice.  Children should have a small bottle of water or juice available to them every day (plastic & recyclable). On Fridays, pupils may bring one treat as part of their snack e.g. a bar.  Forks, knives, cocktail sticks or any other sharp implements should not be included in a child’s lunchbox.

Upcoming Events

21 September – First Class Parent Information Meeting

22 September – Second Class Parent Information Meeting

02-03 October – Registration for First Holy Communion 5.30-7.00pm. (please see above)

02-06 October – School Photographs (Individual, Family & Class photos)

03 October – Parents Association AGM - 8.00pm

09-10 October – Registration for Confirmation 5.30-7.00pm (please see above)

14-22 October – Maths Week Ireland

Upcoming Sporting Events & News

GAA Fixtures

20 September – Senior Girls vs Holy Family RV - Somerton

21 September – Senior Boys vs Sacred Heart BG – Albert

26 September – 4th Class Boys vs Adamstown ET – Somerton

27 September – Senior Girls vs Garristown - Somerton

28 September – Senior Boys vs St Mochta - Somerton

03 October – 4th Class Boys vs Corduff – Corduff

10 October – 4th Class Boys vs Scoil Ghrainne – Phibblestown

Demonstration by Fencing Ireland 

'I thought it was a really good chance to learn something new. It was really fun but it is a very fast sport so you need to have fast reflexes.....It is actually quite tiring because you're jumping around the place trying not to get touched by the other person's epee.'   Lucy Brady 3rd Class

'I think fencing is good fun. Starting off, you will use a plastic epee (sword) and then when you're more advanced you'll use the real thing! When you attack it's called lunging.   Kate Horan 3rd Class

'It was so much fun. Two boys called Tom and Sean showed us how to put on the mask and use the epee. I had a great time'.   Conor Shaughnessy 3rd Class

Table- Tennis Club After-School Activity (3rd - 6th Boys & Girls)

It is hoped to start a table tennis club in the PE hall for 3rd - 6th boys and girls from next Wednesday, 27 September from 3.05 - 4.00pm. Tibor Pofok will run the club. The course will run for 8-weeks at a cost of €25 in total. Amazing value! Places are limited. Please note that priority will be given to older children if too many children sign up for it. Tibor presently runs an extensive Table Tennis Club in Castleknock College and he is starting up a table-tennis programme in Castleknock Community College shortly. Please email info@stpatricksns.ie if you would like to register, putting “Table Tennis” in the subject line. Payment should be made through Aladdin in the usual way.     

Selection of children for school events and appropriate parental interaction

Many thanks to all of our parents for your continued support of our school teams. We greatly appreciate your help with supervision, jersey care, side-line encouragement, etc. The school is indebted to our teachers who train and run the teams in a voluntary capacity. The school ethos is to promote ‘Sport for All’. However, some events are competitive and for these, children need to be selected.  We always endeavour to be as fair as possible when picking children to represent the school.

It is not appropriate for parents to take issue with teachers regarding the selection process.

While there will always be differing opinions in this regard, it is the prerogative of the management team to make the final decision. We look forward to another great year for St Patrick’s on the sporting field.

Parents Association News

Parents Association AGM

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of St Patrick’s N.S. Parents’ Association (PA) will take place on Tuesday 3rd October at 8pm in the school foyer. An email was sent to all families today.  Please note there was an error in the attachment.  The meeting is on Tuesday 3rd October and not Wednesday 3rd October as per the attachment notification.


Junior Infants September 2018

Application Forms for Junior Infants September 2018 will be available for collection from the main office from Thursday 14 September. 

Registration will take place on 16, 17 and 18 October from 10.00am -12 noon. There will be an evening session on Monday 16 October from 7.00pm – 9.00pm.

Please ensure you submit your Application during the above dates as Late Applications will not be accepted. Sibling applications can be dropped into the office at any time on the above dates. 

Sugari Junior septembrie 2018

Formularele de cerere pentru sugari juniori septembrie 2018 vor fi disponibile pentru colectare de la sediul principal de joi, 14 septembrie.

Înregistrarea va avea loc în zilele de 16, 17 ?i 18 octombrie, de la ora 10.00 la -12 diminea?a. Va avea loc o sesiune de sear?, luni, 16 octombrie, între orele 19.00 ?i 21.00.

Asigurati-va ca va trimiteti Cererea în perioada de mai sus, deoarece Solicit?rile târzii nu vor fi acceptate. Cererile de înscriere pot fi trimise în birou în orice moment, la datele de mai sus.

juniur junyurz sibtambar 2018wasatatah namadhij altalabat lilrade alsighar sibtambar 2018 lijameiha min almaktab alrayiysii min yawm alkhamis 14 sibtambar.wasayujri altasjil fi 16 w 17 w 18 tishrin al'awal / 'uktubar min alssaeat 10.00 sabahaan 'iilaa alssaeat 12 zahraan. satueqad jalsat masayiyat yawm alaithnayn 16 'uktubar min alssaeat 7:00 masa' hataa 9:00 masa'in.yrja alta'akud min taqdim talabik khilal altawarikh almadhkurat aelah hayth ln yatima qabul altalabat almuta'akhirati. yumkin 'iisqat altatbiqat al'ukhuat fi almaktab fi 'ayi waqt fi altawarikh almadhkurat 'aelah.

Infant Children (Junior & Senior Infants)

Infant children (Junior & Senior Infants) should not be left unsupervised in the yard in the morning.  Parents/Guardians should remain with their child/children until they are handed over to the care of their teacher at 8.30am.  Under no circumstances should Infant children be dropped at the school gate to enter school grounds alone.

Head Bumps

It is school policy to inform parents if your child has a head bump of any kind during the school day. If the teacher feels that the child is ok and does not need to be collected, you will receive a text message for your information. If the head bump is deemed to be more serious, you will receive a telephone call from the office asking you to arrange collection of your child.

Contact Details

It is essential that we have the correct address and contact details (e.g. home telephone, parents’ mobile numbers and email addresses) for your child on our database.  If any of your details have changed over the summer, please complete a Change of Address/Contact Details Form as soon as possible.

Dropping in lunches, bags, homework etc.

Please ensure that if you are dropping in any of your child’s forgotten belongings e.g. lunches, bags, homework, etc., that they are CLEARLY MARKED WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME AND THE NAME OF THE  CLASS TEACHER. For your information and to ensure forgotten lunches arrive in time, the following are the breaktimes for the children:

Junior & Senior Infants

10.20-10.30am            Small portable snack taken to yard for eating under supervision

10.30-10.50am            Eating time in the classroom 

12.00-12.30pm            Any remaining food can be taken to yard to be finished under supervision.

First Class upwards

10.20-10.30am            Small portable snack taken to yard for eating under supervision

11.45-12.00noon         Foods not suitable for outdoor eating can be eaten in the classroom

12.00-12.30pm            Any remaining food can be taken to yard to be finished under supervision.

Labelling/Lost Property

The chances of returning lost property are greatly increased if ALL ITEMS ARE CLEARLY LABELLED with your child’s name. Please ensure jumpers, PE sweatshirts, coats, lunchboxes, beakers, etc, etc, are labelled with your child’s name.

Hand Towels

We request that every child brings a small hand towel/facecloth to dry his/her hands after using the WC.  This should be kept in a school bag pocket and changed regularly.

Staff Car Park

As our staff numbers have increased, parents are asked not to park in the Staff Car Park, the only exception being parents collecting disabled or injured children.  We would be grateful if you could also inform anyone who may be collecting your child/children on your behalf of this procedure.  If you are returning to the school to drop off forgotten lunches, schoolbags, etc. during the school day, we would ask that you park in the bus stop area and enter via the Pedestrian Gate. (Please close gates after you leave).  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Reminder re dismounting bicycles, etc

In the interest of everyone’s safety, all cyclists (pupils, nts & siblings) should dismount from their bicycles at the main gates of the school.  For safety reasons, we would ask that you do not allow your children to use scooters or rollerblades on school grounds.

Temporary PE Timetable

A temporary PE Timetable will be in place for the first few weeks.  Children will be informed of their PE times by their class teachers.  Children should wear their school tracksuit/runners on these days.

Extra Curricular Activities

If your child takes part in a number of Extra Curricular activities, it might be useful to write the activities into their school journals on the appropriate days.  This will help them remember the activity and, if there is any confusion, the teacher can help by checking the journal.

For Badminton, Chess, Tennis & Table-Tennis, which are paid online via the school system, we would greatly appreciate if payment could be made prior to commencement or within the first week of sessions.

If your child has put their name down for an activity and has changed their mind, please email info@stpatricksns.ie so that we can remove them from the list and cancel the payment request.

Art & Craft Workshops (Monday & Friday)

Classes take place from 2.10-3.45pm. There are still a few spaces available. All enquiries to Blathnaid O’Brien Donovan BEd (Hons) 0874123247.

Athletics (3rd to 6th)

Athletics will commence next Thursday 21 September from 2.10pm – 3.05pm. This is a change of time and day from last year.

Badminton (3rd – 6th Class – Priority Given to Oldest) (Fridays)

Badminton has commenced. The first session (2.10-3.05pm) is for beginners/younger age group, the second session (3.05-4.00pm) is for intermediate/advanced/older age group.  There are spaces still available in the second session. Email info@stpatricksns.ie to book.


There are a few spaces left in both Chess sessions, 2.10 and 3.05pm. Email info@stpatricksns.ie for booking.

Futsal/Fundamental Fitness

Please contact Noel McManus directly on 0879830443 or email Fundamentalfitnessireland@gmail.com.

French classes in St. Patrick’s

Children love learning French through flashcards, songs, games and taking part in small projects.  A special Early Years class for 3 to 5 years old class is starting on Saturdays.  All materials are provided.  Enrol your child now as limited number of places for each age group.  Merci beaucoup!

Ring or text M 087 227 9027 ?Email info@frenchforchildren.ie ?Web www.frenchforchildren.ie 

Sabine - BA Hons & Master’s Degree in Linguistics, Teaching French as a Foreign Language

Irish Dancing (Tuesdays & Thursdays)

Irish Dancing Classes will recommence on Tuesday 19 and Thursday 21 September. Enquiries to Downeylanigan@gmail.com.

Lego Challenge (Friday)

Senior infants - 1.10pm; 1st - 6th class at 2.10pm.

Contact - 0877198128 or email - knowitedu@gmail.com

Musical Theatre, Drama & Singing Classes

For further details please contact Toni Martin at 087 7913714 or email martin.toni1@gmail.com

Pose Yoga (with Ms Nolan)

Another term of Child's Pose Yoga has started! If you are interested in your child joining please get in touch as there are some spaces left on each of day.

Tuesdays - 1st and 2nd class

Wednesdays - 3rd and 4th class

Thursdays with Ms. Donnellan - 4th, 5th and 6th class

The term runs for seven weeks and costs €50 - if you are signing up after the beginning of the course, I will adjust the cost accordingly.

Any enquiries, please Ms Nolan at yogaplaychildspose@gmail.com.

Piano Lessons

To Register contact Trudy at 0858869477 or email tmmusictuition@gmail.com

Platform Stage School

Platform Stage School commences on Wednesday 13 September. Enquiries to Liz directly at 0862245113. Website www.platformstageschool.ie.

Spanish for Children

After-school classes - offering 4 age-specific courses for 5 - 12 year olds, in St Patrick’s NS &

locally on Tues, Weds and Thurs (between 1.15 PM & 5.30 PM) Sep - May (30 week year) - start

back week beginning 11th  September. Learn with your child, great study notes supplied! Email

me for all information and to enrol your child, ASAP please (classes filling very fast). Full Term 1

payment, on or before next Monday 11 th or ASAP, please, so I can order your child’s materials.

Don’t miss out, enrol now! Muchas gracias, Mary M. Galvin.

*** Winner of La Jolie Ronde Regional (Ire & N.Ire.) Licensee of Year Award, 2016 – 2017 ***

BA Mod Hons (TCD), HDip Ed Hons (UCD), MA - Applied Linguistics Hons (TCD).

Fully registered teacher with Teaching Council.  M: 087 267 4809    Emarygalvinspanish@gmail.com

Tennis (3rd – 6th Class – Priority Given to Oldest) Mondays

The first session (2.10-3.05pm) is for beginners/younger age group, the second session (3.05-4.00pm) is for intermediate/advanced/older age group.  There are a limited number of places available in both sessions.  Email info@stpatricksns.ie for bookings.

Yoga Adventures – (Wednesdays with Jana Chudikova)

To book a place or if you have any other queries, please contact Jana, a fully qualified children's yoga teacher, by email: adventuresyoga@gmail.com or on 086 313 0992.

Diswellstown Community & Recreation Centre and Local Community Activities

Castleknock Hurling & Football Club

Park Tennis

Registration takes place on Wednesday 20th for Laurel Lodge Community Centre Tennis Courts. 5 – 8yrs at 2.45pm and 9 – 17yrs at 3.45pm.

Registration takes place on Saturday 23 September for Riverwood Tennis Courts. 5-7yrs at 10.0am, 8-11yrs at 11.00am and 12-17yrs 12noon. Fee €30 for 8 weeks.

Enquiries Tel: 8338711 Email: parkstennis@eircom.net

Conversational English Classes

Fáilte Isteach involves local people who volunteer to facilitate Conversational English with people who have come to live in Ireland from many different countries.


Venue: Tyrrelstown Community Centre, Tyrrelstown Day: Wednesday mornings Time: 10.00am - 12.00noon Starting: Sept 13th 2017

Venue: Blanchardstown Area Partnership, Dillon House, Coolmine Business Park Day: Thursday afternoons Time: 2.00pm - 4.00pm Starting: Sept 14th 2017

Venue: Ongar Community Centre Day: Tuesday Mornings Time: 10am-12 noon Starting Sept 19th 2017 Venue: Blakestown Community Centre, Day: Wednesday Evenings Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm Starting: Sept 20th 2017

To book a place please contact: 01 8209550 email failteisteach@bap.ie

National Parents Week 2017

National Parents Week 2017 is from Monday 18th to Sunday 24th September.  During National Parents Week we want to make parents aware that Parentline is there for them when they need support, information and guidance. 

The theme for National Parents Week is: It's OK to Ask! We want to encourage parents to look for support whenever they need it. 
Parentline is a helpline for parents, somewhere to pick up the phone and talk to somebody who can offer a sympathetic ear; in confidence and who won’t judge (either parent or child). Sometimes it’s only a little niggle or it might be something bigger. Parentline’s trained facilitators will give support, information and guidance. 

The helpline is open Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. and Friday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.  It is free and no appointment is necessary – just call 1890 927277 or 01 8733500

Whatever the issue – It’s OK to Ask!

The Drama Hub (formerly DramaWorks)

The Drama Hub (formerly DramaWorks)  Speech & Drama Classes will return to St. Patrick’s National School, Diswellstown resuming on Saturday 9th September from 1.00pm.  

Join us every Saturday for Voice Work, Drama, Poetry, Mime, Confidence Building Exercises, Theatre Games, Movement, Improvisation, Storytelling and lots more! 

Classes available for primary school students from Junior Infants to Sixth Class.  All classes will be divided according to age groups. Students will be prepared for the Leinster School Speech and Drama Grade Exams and Speech Festivals. For further details contact Clodagh or Dearbhla on 086 373 6056 check out our facebook page @TheDramaHubDublin or Email us hello.thedramahub@gmail.com

Classical Ballet Classes
For Students Age 4 – 18 years. Beginners Always Welcome. Fully Qualified I.D.T.A.Teachers.
Classes Every Monday from 4.15 in Diswellstown Community Centre, St Patricks National School.
- Tiny Tots Ballet (Age 4-6 yrs) - 4.15 to 5pm
- Classical Ballet (Age 6+) - 5 to 6pm

- Classical Ballet (Grade 1) - 5.30 to 6.30pm

Classes recommence Monday 11th September. Registrations now online at www.chesterschoolofdance.com Sara Chester A.I.D.T.A 0877923955
Email: chesterschoolofdance@gmail.com