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Wednesday 31st January 2018

Most of your queries can be answered by accessing our school website www.stpatricksns.ie or by viewing our Newsletters which are regularly emailed to each family and are also on our website.  Please make our website your first “port of call”.

The Reception/Administration Office hours are 8.30am to 2.30pm.  The office closes for lunch from 12.00-12.30pm daily.  It would be much appreciated if telephone calls to the school were made only in emergency situations, and only after 9.00am

Child Protection Training for Teachers

New Child Protection Guidelines were enacted on December 11 2017.  Under the revised law, schools and other agencies that work with children are obliged to update procedures and to provide training for staff.  This has to be completed by March 11 2018.  In order to assist schools with this significant body of work, the Minister for Education & Skills has made provision for all schools to take two half days to facilitate whole staff training.

Requests have been made to the Department to combine these two half days as one full day, but so far these requests have been declined. The Board of Management has therefore sanctioned two half days, 23 February and 02 March. Children will go home at 11.30am on both days.

We appreciate that this is inconvenient for parents but is completely outside of our control.

Dublin Circus Project

There was very positive feedback from students and teachers following last Friday's Circus Workshops held in the Hall for our three 3rd classes. Aoife Raleigh from Dublin Circus Project assisted by her colleague, Tony, provided the children with a wonderful experience. They demonstrated some amazing circus skills and then invited the children to try them out themselves. Here is what some of the children thought of the workshops:

"On Friday me and my class went down to the hall to do circus things. We walked on the tight wire and we balanced a peacock feather on our hands, chin and foot. We also did hula hooping - we did it on our hip and arm and we spun it on the floor. The man, Tony, showed us juggling. He did it with 5 juggling balls.

I had a great time. You can join the Dublin Circus Project in the Castleknock Community Centre. It is on Monday. If you are 5-7 it starts at 3.15. If you are 8-12 it starts at 4.15 and if you are 13-18 it starts at 5.30. You learn lots and lots of tricks. You also make new friends. Join the circus and have fun."    Eibhleann (aged 9) 3rd class    

“Today we had a circus workshop. We tried out a tightwire walk, tricks with circus hula hoops and we got to balance peacock feathers on our hands, chin and knee. We really enjoyed it!”

Sara Kwiatkowska  3rd class

“I loved the circus workshop. We got to pretend we were clowns and do tricks with hula hoops and walk on a tightwire. We also got to balance peacock feathers on various parts of our body. I really enjoyed it and would love to do it again!”  Aran Moffit 3rd class

It is imperative that all children are punctual in the morning. The 20 minutes between 08.30am and 08.50am is a very important time in the school day. This is when the younger children have activity time or structured play. It is a time when teachers get to correct homework or hear children’s reading.

ACCORD Relationship Programme for Primary Schools

The ACCORD Relationship Programme will be taking place on Monday 28 February (4th class Girls only/all 5th Class) and Wednesday 19 February (all 6thClass). A Parent Talk takes place on Tuesday 06 February at 8pm SHARP in the Tigers Room. Consent Forms will be distributed early next week and should be returned directly to the CLASS TEACHERS. You may wish to wait until after the Parent Talk to return your Consent form(s).  Please check your emails as more information and a soft copy of the Consent Form will be emailed to parents soon.

Please note: a Consent Form must be returned for all students to advise us whether you are or are not giving Consent for your child/children to attend.

Upcoming Events

28 January – 04 February – Catholic Schools Week

01 February – JI Vaccinations Ms Parker/Ms Harte (Please refer to email sent 17/01/2018)

02 February – JI Vaccinations Mr Thynne/Ms M McDermott (Please refer to email sent 17/01/2018)

03 February – Choir at Peace Proms

06 February – ACCORD Parent Talk 7.30pm

12–16 February – Mid Term Break

19 February – ACCORD Talk for 6th Class (during school hours)

19 February – First Penance & Reconciliation 7pm St Mochta’s Church

23 February – Child Protection Training. Children finish at 11.30am

26 February – Confirmation Retreat (during school day)

26 February  - Confirmation  Service of Light 7pm St Mochta’s Church

27 February – Cross Country Meeting - Porterstown

28 February – ACCORD Talk for 5th Class/4th Class (girls only) (during school hours)

02 March - Child Protection Training. Children finish at 11.30am

12 March – Confirmation Ceremony

13 March – Confirmation Photographs

19 March – St Patrick’s Day Bank Holiday

26 March to 08 April (inclusive) – Easter Break

16 April – 3rd Parent Communion Meeting 8pm

07-08 May – May Bank Holiday

09 May – Teacher In-Service Day (School closed to students)

12 May – First Holy Communion Ceremony

15 May – Communion Photographs (TUESDAY)

06-05 June – June Bank Holiday


School Insurance

The School Insurance company is Allianz and your child is covered under a 24/7 Pupil Insurance Policy.  For more information, see www.allianz.ie/otherproducts/schools.

Hand Hygiene

“This week, we presented a poster that we made to the Junior Infant classes.  It is important to wash your hands to stop you and others from getting sick.  It should take you the amount of time to sing “Happy Birthday” while washing your hands.  Make sure you bring your hand towel instead of just using paper towels as it is more sanitary.” Orlaith Lally, Alison Callinan & Rachel Hoey – Ms C O’Reilly’s 6th class.

Hand Towels

We request that every child brings a small hand towel/facecloth to dry his/her hands after using the WC.  This should be kept in a school bag pocket and changed regularly.

Sick Children at School

Please do not send sick children to school for the following reasons:

  • Children are unable to cope with the demands of school when they are unwell.
  • Infection spreads rapidly in the confinement of the classroom.
  • There is no indoor supervision for sick children during breaktimes.

Absences due to illness

Whilst there is no need to telephone the school if your child is sick, we would greatly appreciate if you would contact us if your child contracts a contagious illness e.g. measles, mumps, rubella, etc.  There are children in the school who are at increased risk of contracting these illnesses.  Parents must acknowledge their child’s absence from school, in writing, at the back of the child’s School Journal (Education Welfare Act). Parents of Infant children should speak to the teacher at the class line on the morning of their return.

Extra-Curricular Activities

If your child takes part in a number of Extra-Curricular activities, it might be useful to write the activities into his/her school journal on the appropriate days.  This will help him/her remember the activity and, if there is any confusion, the teacher can help by checking the journal.

Any changes/cancellations known in advance will be notified on the weekly Newsletter.

Information regarding extra-curricular activities can be found on the website www.stpatricksns.ie through the Extra Curricular Activities tab and under archived Newsletters.


This Friday is the last session in the current 8 week block.

Diswellstown Community & Recreation Centre and Local Community Activities

Porterstown ParkRun

What is it? - A Free Weekly 5km Timed Run. When is it? - Every Saturday at 9:30am

What does it cost? - Nothing - it's free!  But please register before your 1st run.

Do I need to be a Runner? - ParkRun is for ALL abilities (walk, jog or run)

This is a free community event so please lend your support. 

Website: http://www.parkrun.ie/porterstown/

Email: porterstownoffice@parkrun.com 

Porterstown Parkrun Couch to 5k

Porterstown parkrun in conjunction have organised a free Couch to 5K training programmer. We meet outside the Carpenter Pub every Tues & Thurs @ 7pm. Training takes place in Tir Na Nog, rain, hail or snow. Free to all and a great motivator if you don't feel like going out in the dark evenings by yourself. It is a very gradual build up over 6 weeks. There is also a 2nd group of 5km to 10Km runners happening at the same time for anyone that wants to do a bit more! More on www.parkrun.ie/Porterstownparkrun

Fingal Youth Orchestra

Fingal Youth Orchestra are currently seeking players (8-19 yrs) in all instruments, especially Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Brass, Oboe & Bassoon. Rehearsals take place every Sunday at 9.15am in St Francis Xavier. For more information, see www.fingalyouthorchestra.ie