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Address: Diswellstown Road, Castleknock, Dublin 15.

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Provisional List of Teachers and Classrooms 2018/2019

Last Year’s Teacher Class for 2018/2019 Classroom for 2018/2019 Teacher for 2018/2019
n/a 2018A Orange Room 1 Ms Galvin
n/a 2018C Orange Room 2 Ms Thomas
n/a 2018B Orange Room 3 Mr O’Neill
n/a 2018D Orange Room 4 Ms Dowling
Ms Nolan 2016A Orange Room 6 Ms Mullen
Ms Thomas 2016C Orange Room 7 Ms Walsh
Ms M McDermott 2107D Green Room 1 Mrs Byrne (McDermott)
Mr Thynne 2017C Green Room 2 Mr Thynne
Ms Parker 2017B Green Room 3 Ms McTague
Ms Harte 2017A Green Room 4 Ms Harte
Ms Dowling 2014A Red Room 1 Ms O’Callaghan
Ms Fay 2014B Red Room 2 Ms Murray
Ms Donnellan 2014C Red Room 3 Ms Lenihan
Mr O’Neill 2014D Red Room 4 Mrs Corcoran
Ms McTague 2013B Red Room 7 Ms Weir
Ms Rothwell 2016B Olive Room 1 Ms Quinn
Ms O’Callaghan 2015C Olive Room 2 Ms Rothwell
Ms Quinn 2015B Olive Room 3 Ms Antal
Ms Burke 2015A Olive Room 4 Ms Fay
Mr MacConámha 2012C Blue Room 1 Ms Barrins
Ms Walsh 2012A Blue Room 2 Mr King
Mr Heneghan 2012B Blue Room 3 Ms Collins
Mr Waring 2013A Blue Room 4 Mr McLaughlin
Ms Collins 2011A Purple Room 1 Ms English
Mrs Corcoran 2011C Purple Room 2 Ms Donnelly
Ms Lineen 2011B Purple Room 3 Ms McCormack
Ms Murray 2013C Purple Room 4 Mr Heneghan